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Spiritual tools to help you wake up for fajr.

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  • Once, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), said to Ali RA:
  • Ali ! Do 5 Works Before Sleeping,
  • (1) Daily. Give 4000 Dinar Alms/sacrifice (sadqaa) daily before sleeping.
  • (2) Read whole Qur'aan one time daily before sleeping.
  • (3) Pay price of Jannah,daily before sleeping.
  • (4) Make a truce/peace between two fighting men daily before sleeping.
  • (5) Perform a Hajj daily before sleeping.
  • Then Ali RA requested Ya' RasoolAllah (peace be upon him) It is very hard to do how can I do all this?
  • Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) replied:
  • (1 ) Read "Surah Fatiha" 4 times..... Its equal to sacrifice 4000 dinars.
  • (2) Read "Surah Ikhlaas" 3 times.... Its equal to read Quran one time.
  • (3) Read " Durood Shariff " 10 times.....(Allahumma sali ala muhammad was saleem) Its equal to pay price of Jannah.
  • (4) Read "Astagfaar" (Astagfaar =Astag firul'lahaa rabbi min kul'ly zanmbin w'atubu ilaihi) 10 times..... Its equal to make truce/peace between 2 fighting men.
  • (5) Read "4rth Kalima" 4 times.....(La ilaha illallah) Its equal to perform Hajj.
  • Reblog it please, remember you are not doing favor on me but for yourself by gaining ajr which will help you in your life after death.
Via lihatlah langit, dan senyumlah, ^_^

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